Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Make Me Over

With the market crashing and with business looking to rebound, several companies are switching from whats "Old" to what's "Sexy."

Dora the Explorer

Dora is set to recieve a new look come this fall.
Going from the beatles haircut, to a more tweeny sexy look. Backed by trying to hold onto preschool fans as they age, Nickelodeon and Mattel are trying to go the distance to make Dora, more appealing.

The Game Called: CLUE

With the game being 60 years old, Hasbro has elected to give the game a fancy new makeover. In this new "fancy" mansion, there is a new spa room, theater and new weapons to choose from. Along with the updation, Professor Plum is now an internet billionare and Colonel Mustard is a famous football star...The only difference now is the game has changed...Instead of being a basic house party, its a party of the rich an famous....

McDonald's New Ad Campaign

With an overhaul of modernizing their restaurants, (if you want to call them that) McDonald's has discovered a new way to influence their loyal consumers.

The new burger boxes and fry sleeves feature pictures of fresh ingredients like potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes to try to position the food as healthy.

These are just a few companies that are updating and reaching out to improve their wallets. Other companies such as, Jack in the Box, Tinker Bell, Heinz, Old Navy and M & M's are looking to broaden their horizons to not only entice consumers, but make themselves over. Most makeovers are due to come out this Fall, so stay tuned!

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  1. It's like Mattel made those Bratz dolls to cater to the tweens market and just made them shorter, exotic eyes, almost non existant nose, angelina Lips and skanky clothes to wear. My Niece has this weird fixation on them and it's kind of disturbing to see the difference between the normal barbies and the bratz dolls.