Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican"

Burger King is at it again...with recent ads having "The King" singing "I like Square Butts & I can not lie." while promoting this months Sponge Bob Square pants promotion had parents screaming for BK to take the ad of the market!

This comes months after the January ad, promoting a FREE Whopper to anyone who could show proof of deleting "10 friends from Facebook"....which was pulled because Facebook would of sued!

However a new ad called, "The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican," is sparking uproar south of the border...

As of right now, the Mexican Ambassador of Spain has been recently quoted as saying, "it is an improper use of stereotyped image of a Mexican," after seeing the advertisement in Europe...

Here is the ad of a Cowboy & a little Mexican wrestler, which HAS NOT BEEN RAN YET IN THE U.S.



Burger King has done this before, with ads about "Whopper virgins" who have never tasted the hamburger before, and its marketing has been a bit on the wild side. Around Christmas it introduced its"Flame Body Spray" to give a chance for men to smell like flame-broiled meat to attract the "ladies."


  1. I hate that commercial with the square butt thing. I like spongebob but I think they are just trying to hard this time for attention and a little shock value. More than the square butts shown on tv it's the song the I dont like.

  2. I actually just saw that ad in the news today. Ridiculous. Today when we watched No Logo, there was a point that advertisers have to constantly push boundaries and come up with new things to catch our attention, but where is the line drawn on what is appropriate and what's not?

  3. The Texican Whopper looks pretty gross to me. The ad reminded me of Jack Black's Nacho Libre movie from a couple years back. I guess to a mexican, this might be offensive but I just find it comedic and not done out of poor taste, the burger on the other hand might have that quality.