Friday, February 13, 2009

Advertising for a TV Show????

This week we talked about advertisements and how they influence us to buy stuff!

Whats tough about this is I have come across something that kinda irritates me...

Tonight I read an article about the famous lady, "OctoMom"

Nadya Suleman, famous for pumping out 8 little individuals this past week has been heavily under fire for her remarks she made on a national TV broadcast and her new website...

Whats surprising is her appetite for the spotlight...Having no money & no job, she has created a website to make money (donations) to help support her and her now 14 children...

There's been talk, her aim is to be on TV...What's sad and wrong is she's using all this publicity to form a pilot, in which she hopes to get her and her own children a TV show...

Whats even more shocking, she is unemployed and has used the government to help support her allready large family... With just days after her pregnancy, there is global wonderment on how she will pay for the medical bills?
Through Our Donations!
There has been amazment circulating about her lips...Considering famous large family mother/actress, Angelina Jolie as her idol...After the sixth child, from her previous births...she decided to get cosmetic surgery and put collagen fat put into her lips...
Through artificially insemination, Nadya has been on record for saying, "I consider having more babies."
However, I consider she should get a job first!

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  1. I find it amazing what people are willing to do. Selling out like that makes me sick. I know it would be hard for her to support her family, but there are other means to do it. I hope that something will happen so that she can support her kids without having to sell her soul to the media.