Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick at home, talking about last class...

With the recent Chimp mauling in Connecticut, in which the owner of the chimpanzee and her friend were brutally attacked. The chimp was shot twice by police officers, who showed up at the scene.

A cartoonist from the New York Post, decided to run with the age-old idea of comparing a chimp to an African American.

The cartoon shows two police officers standing over the chimp's body: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill," one officer says.

Referring to President Obama, this cartoon has struck anger and hatred from all races of the Upper East Coast calling for the jobs of several men at the New York Post...

My question is:
Why after all these years, is a cartoon portraying a chimp to a black person still happening?


Should the cartoonist & editors of the New York Post get fired?

My awnser is the whole chimp thing-comparing it to a black person, should stop! & should have stoped along time ago!


Yes, the staff that okay'd it to be printed should be fired...including the cartoonist...

After this cartoon was published, several well-known businesses in the New York area, pulled their advertisements from the paper, expressing protest.


  1. I think this was terrible too. This kind of thing makes me mad. At the least those responsible should be made to resign or just get while the gettings good. Haven't people been fired and resign for less?

  2. What's really insane is that people (more than one) thought that it was okay to publish. (where was their PR person?) What this proves to me is that racism is not extinct. And if you think about it, the Civil Rights movement is only 50 years old. Even slavery was not that long ago- in the entire history of the world, the acceptable repression, segregation, and slavery of African-Americans is recent. I know I'm young and have little experience in history, but I feel like the Civil Rights movement was an inferno of deep rooted hatred, prejudice, and anger on both sides of the line...looks like it's still warm.